The Kerrisdale story started over 70 years ago when Darcy and Polly Shuttlewood purchased their first sugar cane farm in the Richmond area. After decades of farming, their son Norm and wife Joyce Shuttlewood (pictured above looking over what would become Kerrisdale) made the decision for family reasons to transition and to develop a high quality residential estate. The original portion of the farm west of Kerrisdale Crescent (the old Eimeo Road) is the location of the popular Golf Links Heights Park residential subdivision

Now their seven children are caretakers of this vision with oldest son Lawrie, overseeing the management. The next generation of the Shuttlewood family is committed to ensuring the spectacular natural features of this property are retained. There are few locations in Mackay to match this spot enjoyed by generations of one family. An intimate knowledge and love of this environment derived from over 70 years of not only farming but of preserving and enhancing the wonderful natural features, has been brought to the planning table to ensure Kerrisdale will provide a community with room to play and space to breathe in an enviable location.


Did You Know? 

Every street name in Kerrisdale (and Golflinks Heights) has a connection spanning 7 generations with the Shuttlewood family, the owners and developers of the original site. Ask us where your street name fits in.  

Where Does The Name Kerrisdale Originate? 

During the depression years, Lawrence (Lawrie) Kerrisdale Whitehead moved to the Mackay district to work with his brother Bob on the land. Born in Yea, Victoria, the family had moved to the Darling Downs before Lawrie moved to Mackay. He brought his new wife to what was then a very tough environment working virgin land to develop a farm. Their first child Joyce was born in Mackay. Joyce married Norman Shuttlewood in 1949 and they lived out their lives in what is now Kerrisdale Estate. Lawrie Whitehead won a soldiers settlement ballot in the 1950’s and relocated to the Childers district to once again develop a virgin block into a sugar cane farm. Joyce Shuttlewood chose the middle name of her father in recognition of the contribution she brought to the Shuttlewood family.