Discover Kerrisdale Estate - You build your dream home and we supply an abundance of natural beauty, lifestyle features and pure convenience at no extra cost. 

Kerrisdale Estate is one of the most desirable and popular estates in Mackay.  The estate is currently run and managed by the 7 children of Joyce and Norm Shuttlewood. The Shuttlewood family grew up on what was then a sugar cane property, along with other generations and extended family including the much loved matriarch Polly Shuttlewood.
Our seven Mackay shareholders have diverse skill sets from careers in farming, business, management, finance, trade, education and training. Combining these with a deep love of the land means we have the ingredients to build an estate of which we can be proud.
Our vision is to create a high quality residential subdivision in Mackay and share the benefits and delight of an environment and location that is close to our hearts.

Kerrisdale - Lifestyle for your Lifetime

How did my street get its name?

How did my street get its name?

Norwood Parade: Named after the land owner Norman Shuttlewood and chosen by his wife Joyce.
Kerrisdale Crescent: Named after Lawrence Kerrisdale Whitehead, father of Joyce Shuttlewood
Roma Court: Middle name of Nancy Duffy nee Shuttlewood, only sister of Norman Shuttlewood
Maryvale Circuit: Birthplace of Grace Whitehead nee Malone, mother of Joyce
Clive Court: Youngest brother of Norman
Camellen Street: Contraction of Cameron and Ellen, grandchildren of Joyce and Norman
Bensara Street: Contraction of Ben and Sara, grandchildren of Joyce and Norman
Eleanor Parade: First name of Joyce Shuttlewood
Darcy Boulevard: Darcy and Polly Shuttlewood purchased the original farm in 1939 
Mod Crescent: Mark O'Driscoll, Westpac
Pamela Street: Pamela Crawford nee Shuttlewood, niece of Norman
Brentine Street: Contraction of Christine and Brendan, grandchildren of Joyce and Norman
Jackman Court: Mary Grace Adams nee Jackman born Torquay Devon Great grandmother of Norman 

Pellage Court: Mary Ellen Pellage (Polly) Shuttlewood 1894-1996, who lived a short distance further up the hill from 1939 until shortly before her death.